The LR41 battery is an alkaline button cell battery used in small electronics.

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LR41 Button cell battery

LR41 Battery Specifications
Chemistry: Alkaline
Diameter: 7.9mm
Height: 3.6mm
Voltage: 1.5V
Capacity: 25-32 mAh

Other Common Names and Equivalent Batteries
LR41 batteries can be interchanged with AG3, SR41, 392A, 392, 384, 192, 92A, GP192, G3, V3GA, V36, V36A, LR736, CX42, and SR41SW batteries

Mercury Free
Look for the engraving of 0% Hg to get a mercury free battery.  Mercury free batteries are safer in the case of a battery leaking.

Longer Battery Life
Using a silver oxide chemistry will give you a longer battery life.  Silver oxide like the SR41SW has capacity of 38-45 mAh.

Where to Buy
Most department, hardware, grocery, and drug stores will carry brand name LR41 batteries.  Online you can find them cheaper.

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